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Aug. 15th, 2014 06:57 am
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Hi guys! I'm Mike, mun of a certain trollmage who you might have met.

This guy though is going to be the latest addition to Batch 002: his name is Friedrich Weiss, lawyer Riskbreaker. He's a bit of a douche because he's really smart, but he's a softie inside, I promise. I hope to throw him at all of you come next day change!

PS: Mike also plays the following NPCs:

[personal profile] deadline: Elanora Marasigan
[personal profile] naberus: Catrea Kurosawa/Naberius
[personal profile] oneoeight: Samuel Crowley/108


Sep. 29th, 2014 02:34 pm
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Hello, hello~ Most of you probably already know me, but for the newer players, I'm Miggy and the mun of Kaz [personal profile] ktotheatothez. My new boy Law [personal profile] lundragueur just came up on the TDM, so feel free to bug him, although he won't be actually active until next day change.

I also play the following NPCs:

[personal profile] neeka Neeka Zobel de Ayala
[personal profile] riskythunder Nicholas Raio-Zobel de Ayala
[personal profile] collimator Leo Montesanto
[personal profile] inojosa Paolo Inojosa
[personal profile] youngenough David Young

I look forward to meeting everyone in-game :3 and if you wanna reach me outside of the game for any reason, just hit these places up:

[plurk.com profile] CarloMiguel
[twitter.com profile] eclecticmimicry
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Hello. My name is Rika. You might have seen me going around as a tsundere russian, or a mage with a derp dragon. I'm bringing in a new girl for Batch 002!

This is Chizuru; she recently graduated Balamb without a blade, and lives in a house with a dojo in West District. You might see her wandering around Falner, buuuut~ I won't be tagging around with her until the next day change uvu

If you want to know more about Chizuru, here is her character sheet, her dossier, and her history uvu

Looking forward to throw her at all y'all!
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HELLO EVERYONE yes, Pam is crazy and made a second character. His name is Lucas Pierce - he's a recently awakened Card of the Hanged Man Triumph, and a dual-licensed hunter of Zangyaku and the Midnight Riders who is eyeing Rhiannon as his third because he feels dead inside Rhiannon does what proper dead men ought to do. The basics? He is VERY FRIENDLY and ALSO REALLY SAD but trying not to show it. o3o In deference to our game rules, he'll be out and about on June 15, 2066.

You can check his character sheet out here and read his dossier here. I also did a page for his history and personality. Given the stuff I wrote for him, it's entirely possible that he might have pre-established CR with the Vigil folks, so I'm totally willing to plot this out. I'm also willing to plot out whatever on this post. =w=
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Hi bbs! Noey here, I mentioned over on the chat that I was putting a character headcanon survey together and that I'd toss is up for whoever wanted a whack at it. This is a version modified from the surveys lifted from here and here. Feel free to link yours to share with everyone else :)

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So, my mun's already said her greetings to Mike, her co-mod for our game and my buddy Stan's ([personal profile] bladeweaver) mun.


Josh is shaking his head now. ]
Feel free to leave your well-wishes and greetings to this post, guys.

[ ...and after some considerable thought: ]

Also, it's still June in-game but IRL kind of zooms by like that and we can break the fourth wall here so I figured, what the hey, right? Happy Birthday, Hikaru.

[ Yes, that stupid fais in the icon. ]

OOC Intro

Aug. 31st, 2014 11:11 pm
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Hi, everyone. I'm Neal. Kinda new to RPing on dreamwidth, but what the heck.

My character for this game is Gray Magallanes Valverde (anteayer), an Acanthus Banisher and newly minted hunter for Netsach. He's a bit shy at times, and there are some issues he's trying to move on from. But if someone leaves a good impression on him, he or she might just become fast friends with the man and his dragon.

Gray's been a resident at Falner for four years, with his initiation having taken place at April 15, 2066.

Feel free to add me over at Google+, or ping me at my email (deionscribe@gmail.com) or my plurk account (deionscribe).

Looking forward to how things will go from here. :D
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Sup. Pam here, and I am the Universe in Waking the Dead, playing this smooth motherfucker and pretty much everyone else beyond the folks that you guys play. :'D My actual "player character" for this campaign, though, is Segan Brooke over at [personal profile] interceptive. Thanks for joining the game!

Best way to reach me is through pinging me - derridamustdie@gmail.com - on Google Hangouts. I'm also on plurk over at NiaSatou whenever I'm online, and I have a Twitter account @ TheDovetailor. Looking forward to tagging with all of you. :3

Before I check out, a quick mod announcement from my end, in relation to Welcome to the New Age kicking things off: all threads on the TDM that we have up aren't "canon" unless you want them to be. Hit this post up with links to the threads that you'd like to make canon and we'll work things out.
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Before I forget.

Hello! Aura here, I play two ladies at the moment.

Sophie Morgenstern, Bladian and all around filthy rich hermit with mild anger issues and the complete inability to not be a little brat now and then, but otherwise the sort of person you would like to have covering your back at [personal profile] bloodsinger. Sophie arrived to Falner on May 26th.

And Ella Ryan in this journal here. She's a relatively new vampire and Barbie Gomez [personal profile] superbarbie only childe, which is nice, so she has that going on for her. She's otherwise a little blonde ball of awkward and brains, and she could probably pass for a regular human if your character can't sense Kindred, because honestly, half the time she cracks a book open she forgets she's a vampire herself. Ella arrived to Falner on March 10th.

I'm literally always on the chatbox, and feel free to add me over g+ if you want. Otherwise you can mail me at malaphors@gmail.com or poke me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] ryogi


OOC intro!

Aug. 23rd, 2014 10:01 pm
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hi guys! this is noey, your friendly back-end mod and the mun of mr. [personal profile] larue and my babbu changeling [personal profile] lyall. i also permanently play the following npcs:

there are a bunch of others but i'll let you guys know when i toss them at you! 8D

but yes, welcome to the game!